Forty hours of working, I paid my weekly dues.
Now I’m gonna sit on back and have myself a few.
And I’m about to enter Heaven
With the prettiest gal I know
But just leave it to one drunk dude
To ruin the whole damn show.

CHORUS:      Honkey Tonk cowboys
                     They’re all the same
                     You can call them something
                     But never their names.
                     Every town’s got ‘em
                     There’s no claim to fame.
                     They wear a Ten Gallon Hat
                     With a one ounce brain.

Now he’s out there dancing, spinnin’ round and round
Upon close examination, no partner could be found
No woman would oblige him,
To take his hand and dance
So with his favorite beer, he shook his rear
And gave himself a chance (to be a)


So now you notice my girl, you smile at such a find
And the way your hands “read” her back -
I thought you were blind.
You keep on gettin’ bolder,
And you’re buggin’ me more and more
But my commitment to her is my commitment to you
To knock you right through the door. (cuz you’re a)